Empowering the new generation


At Damazein Family Office we believe we share a responsibility to use our knowledge and resources to help address the key generational challenges of the 21st century.

We support the innovators and creators of new technologies that connect, sustain and secure our lives.

Our portfolio companies are working to meet the vital need to enhance communication and knowledge for people and organizations, improve resource efficiency to help preserve the environment, and provide better protection for freedom and society.

Through our specialist investment fund, we provide capital to early and growth stage enterprises developing software, systems and processes in the fields of Deep Tech and Clean Tech.

Deep Tech

Quantum Information & Communications

Artificial Intelligence

Secure Data & Networks

Cloud & Edge Computing

Advanced Materials

Clean Tech

  • Recycling
  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Storage
  • Water Tech
  • Transport Innovation

Flexible Capital

Our investment fund offers dynamic and flexible capital. We can take majority or protected minority equity positions, or offer a blend of equity and debt through structured notes.

When we invest, we aim to build long term relationships with the new generation of business leaders, creating innovative solutions and products that can be successfully transferred across multiple sectors.

Mentoring and Insight

We have built and operated businesses, so we understand the challenges that come with growth and change. Now we use that deep operational experience to help add value through business mentoring and insight.

From supporting strategic planning, business development and smart use of capital, to building stakeholder relationships, business best practices and risk management, we play an active role in helping business leaders gain knowledge advantage and adapt for growth.

Strategic Alignment

We offer support through the entire investment life cycle based on our significant track record in strategic M&A, business integration and operation, growth and change management, sales to sponsors or strategic buyers, and IPOs.

Investing in a new generation of ingenuity, commitment and agility